Consultancy Services offered

We offer tailor made formulations & inplant study & process optimization for the followings:-

-Antifoaming& defoaming agents for

Adhesives manufacturing & applications Food & fermentation including deep culture aerated fermentation Pulp & Paper industry, Evaporative Processes of distillery,Sugar,Chemicals etc Paints & pigments ETP of various industry


Boilers & water cooling systems Multiple effect Evaporative systems in Distillery & Sugar RO plants etc

-Descalants For Water & other multiple ingredients scales

Boilers Water cooling systems Multiple effect Evaporators in distillery & sugar Analyser columns in distillery etc


Pigments Cane juice massecutes(viscosity reducers)


Animal & husbandry Polutry

Miscellenous Industry

Soaps & lubricants Emulsifiers